Our Neighborhoods

Ensuring Access to Affordable Housing

Corey’s Action:
As a City Councilman, Corey introduced a strong resolution to limit speculative purchases of publicly-owned property in Hazelwood, keeping housing affordable for all residents and fighting gentrification. In Squirrel Hill, he was instrumental in the development of Krause Commons, a new affordable housing project at the intersection of Forward and Murray Avenues on the old Poli’s site, a space that had not seen construction for years.

In 2018, Corey worked hard to help find city funding to bolster the URA’s Housing Opportunity Fund to keep our seniors, young families, veterans, people with disabilities, and low-income earners in their homes.

Homeownership and a stable place to live can be the gateway to the middle class for many of our neighbors, especially for the region’s young people. That’s why, in 2017, Corey introduced legislation to freeze student loan repayments for buyers in their 20s who began making mortgage payments on new homes. Instead of paying student loans and a mortgage, these new homeowners with student debt would have the opportunity to channel their monthly debt totals towards their mortgage payment. Not only would this program relieve homeowners, or potential buyers, of the decision to invest in a home or repay their student loans, but it would help keep economic talent in Pittsburgh.

Corey’s Pledge:
Corey sees access to affordable housing as the foundation of our communities and one of our most pressing regional priorities. He will fight to keep local rents and deeds of sale at affordable rates, ensuring our neighbors can stay in the communities they love. He’ll also work to make home-ownership more affordable for young people and working families, helping more Pittsburghers move into the middle class.

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