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Building an Equitable Economy

Corey’s Action:
Sustainable, well-paying jobs are the backbone of strong neighborhoods and regional growth. That’s why Corey supported funding for the Hazelwood Green site, a transformative community-development project located at the old LTV steel mill. In Hazelwood, we forged the steel that built our past and now we’ll engineer the robots that will shape our future.

Hand-in-hand with welcoming new investments into our communities, we must also give small businesses the opportunity to thrive alongside those new partners. Corey understands that balance, and in 2018 convened the first-ever city Advisory Board on Entrepreneurship and Startups to give local entrepreneurs the assistance they need to succeed in today’s economy.

This economy must be open to everyone, and give all our neighbors an opportunity for success and a secure lifestyle. Building on his legislation to incentivize private businesses to raise their minimum wage and fight for guaranteed sick leave for regional employees, Corey will continue to be a strong voice for a regional living wage, inclusive hiring practices, and labor rights.
Sustainable jobs aren’t enough though; you have to be able to access them. That’s why, after years of dangerous delay, Corey helped secure $17.5 million to reconstruct the Greenfield Bridge, an important economic connector and a vital part of our regional infrastructure.

Corey’s Pledge:
Corey supports the high-tech investments that will reinforce our economy for the twenty-first century, create new jobs, and revitalize manufacturing - particularly at Hazelwood Green. The site’s first tenants include CMU’s Manufacturing Futures Initiative and ARM (Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing), groups that will help revolutionize manufacturing and production with a healthy dose of Pittsburgh innovation.

He’ll also continue to champion needed upgrades to our regional infrastructure and help foster the climate businesses of all sizes need to grow.

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