Help Build Tomorrow

If you’d like to help our campaign team, volunteer on the trail, host a house party or help in other ways, join Team O’Connor.

Our Jobs

Building an Equitable Economy

While Pittsburgh is experiencing an economic renaissance, we’re not all benefiting just yet. It’s time to reinforce our local economy for the 21st century and build on our technology industry so everyone has a fair shot at success.

Our Neighborhoods

Ensuring Access to Affordable Housing

We love our neighborhoods and need to work hard to keep those communities affordable for everyone. We can’t lose the networks that made our region strong, and we won’t sit by while folks get priced out of their family homes or denied a shot at homeownership altogether.

Our Young People

Putting Everyone on the Path to Success

Success starts early and is reinforced often. We need to make sure our city budget adequately supports our children throughout their education, provides them with well-maintained learning and recreational spaces, and gives them the resources needed to build their careers here as young professionals.

Our Environment

Clean Air, Green Infrastructure and Water Remains a Public Asset

A healthy environment isn’t a privilege for some; it’s a right for all. We must commit to keeping all the elements of our shared environment - our air, water, and green spaces - clean, safe, and sustainable. It’s time to address air pollution, keep our water pure and publicly-owned, and invest in green plans to strengthen and rebuild needed infrastructure in all our communities.

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